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Pool Inspection Services

​​A pool inspection is a routine run-through of all your pool’s equipment and surroundings, ranging from the efficiency of the filter to the safety of the deck. Especially if you close your pool for the winter, scheduling a swimming pool inspection when you open your pool in the spring is a great way to ensure everything is still performing properly. Pools are a lot of fun, but they can be dangerous if not maintained; the best way to protect yourself and your guests from injury is by keeping up with annual pool inspections.  Pool inspections are useful to both first-time pool owners and also ongoing operations. The inspection can be used to help define the various components and installed systems as well as to discuss safety and operation.

The inspection of the pool and its operating equipment is well beyond the scope of a regular home inspection, but Pool Coach is qualified to provide these specialized inspections. We conduct thorough visual inspections that identify costly, unsafe issues.  A pool and spa inspection provides peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy the pool for years.  

Swimming Pool Inspection Checklist

Your pool is a complex system that requires careful attention. To help ensure nothing gets missed, Pool Coach follows a thorough pool inspection checklist. During our 1-2 hour inspection, we’ll look at:

Pool Placement and Protection

We’ll examine your pool’s placement to rule out any safety hazards. This Includes:

  •  Fencing

  •  Gates

  •  Screen enclosure

  •  Proximity to electrical wires

  •  Location of electrical outlets

  •  Placement to the home

Vessel and Coping

We’ll inspect your pool and deck surface condition, pointing out any:

  •  Cracks

  •  Discoloration

  •  Pitting

  •  Open joints

Drains are also inspected for the presence of anti-vortex covers for safety concerns.


We’ll take a close look at all pool equipment, Including:

  •  Pool/spa lights

  •  The presence of GFCI devices

  •  Junction box condition and location

  •  Pumps

  •  Filters

  •  Piping

  •  Timers

  •  Disconnects

  •  Heaters

  •  Controls

  •  Accessories

  •  Skimmers

  •  Electrical bonding

Equipment Operation

Finally, we’ll test your pool’s operation, looking for any:

  •  Leakage

  •  Proper skimming

  •  Filtration issues

  •  Heater activation

  •  Filter pressure

  •  Spa blower operation issues

  • If you suspect there is a problem, but are unsure of what is wrong with your pool

  • If you want a general check to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for pool season

  • If you're buying a home with a pool and want to avoid unexpected pool repair costs

  • If you're selling your home and want to reassure potential buyers that the pool is operating normally

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